SHAMCESTORS Bogus Family History - A Catalogue of Artificial Trees

What is the truth of your ancestry? Don't you wish you were 98th in line to the Throne of Sweden, descended from Solomon, Cleopatra, Messalina, Boudicca, Mozart, Plato, or Marx ? 

What's are the chances? Imagine the disappointment if you search a genealogy website, check dusty parish registers or census returns. Do you feel trapped by the straight jacket of established facts

Until Shamcestors there was little you could do to improve your genealogy. Now you can make it up yourself, plant false information on your tree and let the fibs grow on the internet. Now you can be 98th in line to the Throne of Sweden and descended from Solomon, Cleopatra, Messalina, Boudicca, Mozart, Plato, and Marx. Throw in a great-great grandmother who led a slaves revolt in Barbados and discovered a cure for all diseases.

Impress your friends, increase your career prospects and improve your sex life by the creativity of your ersatz ancestry. And why stop at historical characters?  Branch out into taking your ancestors from fiction. And don't be selfish - root the flimflam forebears of celebrities, politicians, your friends and your enemies. They are probably too busy to do it themselves. Just make it entertaining and Shamcestors will publish it.  

HOW? Just email the information to Shamcestors. Our team of gyp genealogists will then put about your loony lineage and hokum heritage for the world, and your own (real or imaginary) descendents to admire.

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