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PLAY TO THE GALLERY Great art lives forever. It does, doesn't it?  

READ REVIEW of  an original portrait at  THE NATIONAL GALLERY and Article in Bare Fiction

Who should profit from art? The artist, investors or the world?


Previously performed as PROVENANCE HELPLINE

Performances   July 2014.KISSINGER AND TELL

Henry Kissinger arrived in the UK in 1971 for Strategic Arms Limitations Talks. The newspapers carried the story of the official banquet given by Prime Minister Edward Heath but, curiously, nothing has been said of what went on outside of the dining room. Until now, that is.


Marlowe was a character created by Raymond Chandler      Marlowe was a contemporary of Shakespeare

Was Chandler a character created by Marlowe?

On-line programme Review

Glass Hero"This sale of honours is a national scandal. It can be traced right down to 10 Downing Street".

Victor Grayson, socialist icon, firebrand MP, fighter for womens' emancipation, champion of the oppressed.

Was this really the Labour Party's "Lost Leader" or a washed-up, alcoholic hypocrite?

I put down my drink and walked out into the street. That was it; I disappeared. Nobody knows where I went.

Jim Grover

How can Victor expect us to know, when he can't even remember himself?

Designs on Grayson Flemwell Sample script Programme and trivia

With appreciation to the late Ed Udovick(IMPULSE PLAYWRIGHTS' AGENCY) who worked tirelessly to promote GLASS HERO in North America.

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